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Psychophysical Therapy: Somatic Movement and the Bridge Between Trauma and Attachment

with Talia B. Shafir, RSMT-ME, C.C.Ht., PhD (c ) , Dr. Martha Eddy, RSMT, CMA, and Dana Davison RSMT-ME

What does an integral, somatic movement approach to understanding Attachment,Trauma, and PTSD look like from a psychophysical point of view? The worlds of Somatic Movement and Somatic Psychotherapy are in close orbit to one another and on a trajectory to bring them closer. The goal of this workshop is to experience the role of movement to connect the psychological underpinnings of development and the emergence of a secure sense of self. Peering through the lenses of Laban Movement Analysis, the Kestenberg Movement Profile, and the work of attachment theory originators John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, among others, we’ll connect self-discovery with clinical practicality. Somatic Movement Therapists, Dance Movement Therapists, Somatic Psychotherapists of all persuasions are welcome. This is not a training per se but an experiential gathering to add further dimension to your current practice and a more thorough understanding of adult attachment.

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Somatics for Dance

Somatics for Dance and Dance Education

This was a workshop taught in the Summer of 2017 at the University of North Carolina Greensboro by Dr. Martha Eddy. The workshop introduced Dynamic Embodiment methodology with a focus on Motor Development during which BodyMind Dancing phrases (developed by Dr. Martha Eddy) were used to teach many somatic movement concepts. The montage was created by Professor Mila Parrish.

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  • Dynamic Embodiment Program in Prague Summer 2018
  • Montaclair State University MFA Program, NJ June 2019
  • Ireland in August 2019
  • St. Mary’s College MFA Program, San Francisco, CA 2020

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