“Martha is a genius, and I learn something profound from her every time I am with her.  Her BMD system teaches how to engage all the fluid, tissue, organ, skeletal, and energetic structural systems which support full-bodied dancing.  I leave her class feeling fuller, more present, and confident in my movement expression.  I love how she shifts between exploratory sensory experiences and formal exercises that create shapes in space.  These transitions help teach how to combine both inner and outer experience into a cohesive expression.  These are incredible skills for all dancers to learn in support of their long term health and performance.”

Tanya Calamoneri
Artistic Director, Company SoGoNo http://www.sogono.org/About.html Project Manager, DanceMotion USA, BAM Professor of Dance Colgate University

"I've had considerable experience of varied approaches to conscious movement practices over the past ten years.  Because I'm an older adult, I approach new practices with some caution because of my injury and repair history. When I came to my first BodyMind Dancing class I was concerned that my vulnerable right shoulder might give me trouble if I threw myself into the experience. However, I found the BodyMind Dancing sequence of gradually loosening up and extending movement encourages self-nurturing and gentle experimentation with ones limits under Martha Eddy's skillful facilitation. Working with classmates was invigorating and fun. At the end of class my troublesome knees felt secure and my vulnerable right shoulder free and less bothersome. I was ready for more!"

Philip M. Brown, Ph.D.
Fellow, Center for Applied Psychology, Rutgers University Immediate Past-President, NJ Alliance for Social, Emotional and Character Development Senior Consultant, National School Climate Center 5-Rhythms expert 215.736.9338 pmbrown@rci.rutgers.edu

"As a dance artist I have enjoyed taking BodyMind Dancing because I feel more grounded afterwards. My cells feel alive, and I enjoy the supportive environment that BodyMind Dancing faculty bring."     LJ Leach,  NYC DanceArtist

"I remember first taking Martha's class at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in 1990-91 when I was studying to become a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA).  Her presentation of body science as we moved was overwhelming. Dr. Martha Eddy has tremendous somatic insight.  Her years of teaching in multiple arenas of study make her BodyMind Dancing class a treasure.  The generous information she imparts will serve you for life."

Jaclynn Villamil, CMA
http://jaclynnvillamil.com Company Ballet Instructor Doug Varone and Dancers, the Limón Dance Company, Keigwin + Company, and Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion.

Tim has always said you were extraordinarily gifted and I believed him but I think everything he said is an understatement.  I can’t believe that after a year of patches, ointments, flat shoes, a shot, overall crankiness and no improvement, I’m feeling normal again after one session with you.  You truly do have miracle fingers.  --- Brendy Eddy, client

You are remarkable, clear, creative and fabulous -I adore watching you!  I am grateful and so honored that you invited me into this rich, ongoing exploration/process.  I continue to clarify, deepen and grow while often inspired by your presence, material, beauty, [and] capacity . . . You and your work have influenced me deeply, indirectly influencing many that I work with and know . . . I reference you among others often in my journeys teaching these days to dancers, movers, choreographers, crediting, sourcing... and always suggest they credit their influences and sources.  

Sherry Greenspan
RSMT-E Dynamic Embodiment™ Practitioner, Certified Instructor of BodyMind Dancing™, Moving for Life Certified Instructor, BMC Practitioner Choreographer & Dancer She is on faculty at Princeton University and Georgian Court University

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