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BodyMind Dancing™ is a unique synthesis of some of the finest forms of somatic education: the language of human movement - Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals which teach movement efficiency and Body-Mind Centering® which helps to bring consciousness to all parts of the body. As a whole, BodyMind Dancing™ is an anatomically informed dance experience that integrates technical skill building exercises with improvisation. Each student has an experience that both invites introspection and awareness of self while meeting the best practices in fitness.

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Ask about Advanced Practitioner Dynamic Embodiment Certification Mentorship beginning August 2017. One morning a month online meetings with Martha Eddy: OfficeOfMarthaEddy@gmail.com

The next BMD training will begin in NYC in January 2017, please see list of future trainings. Contact bodyminddancingoffice@gmail.com if interested.

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Moving For Life Certified Instructor Training

Moving For Life Certified Instructor Training

Moving for Life training was designed in 1999 to deal with the effects of cancer treatment: fatigue, weakness, weight gain, depression, lymphedema and the diminished movement range around the shoulder girdle and center of weight in the pelvis. It is a training to encourage woman to actively participate in their healing process in a group setting. It is empowering - teaching self-help. The movement training encourages each participant to find trust and respect in her body and in herself as a whole person. It is fun, scientifically sound, and endorsed by a panel of award-winning doctors.

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